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Good Morning Mortals

The Queen has awoken.

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rockin queen

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Hello everyone! I have some saddening news, I won’t be online anymore.

I’m resigning from this character due to personal conflict and a few things that have made me extremely uncomfortable.

I’m so sorry to my partners and know that I may return, but for now I really need a serious break. I’m so sorry everyone, but certain events have kind of killed my muse. 

I shall return when I feel as though I can. 

Until then, Ta for now <3

Who a wait

what the fuck?!

What happened?

WHen was this?? 

Is this why you haven’t been online at all????

Come back honey…

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Ugh, OC makers need to Grow up.

What the fuck is with shitty OCs man?

Like there’s just some fucking awful OCs in this fandom… :/

Can ya’ll grow the fuck up and make decent characters?

And don’t say that you’re “SUICIDAL” when someone critiques you.

God damn when I started I had shitty oCs too and people were fucking BRUTAL. If they hated  your OC they would straight up rip you to shreds and tell you to come back when it didn’t suck

there was no sympathy no pity nothing!

Can we go back to that so these asshats have no push or pull?

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Can we make it clear

that what happened between stupidcoolfinnparty and heroineofaaa-deactivated2014 is a matter of being triggered and not some kind of teenage angst Drama?

HoAaa was triggered and she made many attempts to stay level headed but there’s only so much she can take before she bursts. 

I have to say from my standpoint anyone else who’s trying to butt between them now is the Drama, and they need to stay out of it.

HoAaa will be returning at her disgression, as for SCFP I’ve offered to be here for him.

As for me I’m not talking about this any further and I recommend everyone else do the same and let them resolve their own differences. 

It’s not your place to stir things up between two good friends.

You’re all being extremely rude and need to stop. Go on with your days and let it be.

Thank you.

Goodnight to the issues.

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dark-prince-of-mars asked: She overreacted about an RP and then cursed me out when I pointed it out to her. Her reaction was her own damn fault. And she also hurt Alex-mun's feelings.

Oh fuck off.

You’re no fucking white knight.

She’s on the phone with me.

Suck a dick you’ve made enemies tonight.

As I see it:

What was a really fucking stupid meme got out of hand and triggered her.

Now you’re being a royal cunt.

As I see it she’s gonna need some downtime.

Im really pissed at you and celestaguuuuurl rn because tomorrow we’re going on fucking vacation.

Now I get to clean up a mess. Thanks! I needed this.

Why don’t you read WHY this is a TRIGGERING matter before you asshat again.

Lastly, seriously kids? 

Grow up. If someone asks you that honestly to not, there’s saying “OK” and then there’s attacking them over it.

Saying OK is acknowledging there was harm/foul and either apologizing and moving it to private or not being a dick about it

She said AND I QUOTE: 

"I don’t want to tell you how to portray your characters because that’s not cool."

I mean what the fuck else do you want.


She did not deactivate.
She says she’ll likely be back in a week or whenever this blows over. (Which I really don’t want her online while we’re out so.. If she’s online that’s her prerogative.)

She says to contact me (Which I recommended) and she’s more than willing to keep your friendship because this is really petty but she wants you to know that this is not a preferable subject.

With that, I’m also done for a while. I’ll be online to Rp with Pbubs but… 

Some of ya’ll need a serious reality check. Don’t be an asslicker when you don’t know whats goin on..

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I’m out


I’m sorry everyone but I’m not doing this anymore.

I’m done. Every time this happens I piss someone off just because it’s a pretty fucking deep subject for me and it’s too heavy for me to handle.

I’m taking a very unwanted hiatus for a while.

At least until thursday. I really can’t deal with this.

I’m blocking everyone involved except Finn because I’m just through.

I care too much about Finn and the others can go away because I’m through.

I’m shutting down for now. 


Fucking great. Thanks so much guys


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saccharine-majesty asked: "Hey Marcy, spit it out-"




"I-I love you."


| ♥ | “Y-yeah?”


She floated above the candied monarch and hooked her arms with hers. “Whoooooooooooop~” She lifted her into the air and flew her to the beach, setting her down gently and landing next to her.

"Soooooooo um… About that…"

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He also didn’t have much depth, he was kind of a one trick pony. Fun for the short term, but doesn’t translate well into long term for me.

FP on the other hand has sooooo much to work with!

I hear ya, I used to RP as Ash.

hohohoooooly crap I can’t even imagine that!

hahaha it was fun but it got suuuuuuuuper boring.